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I am originally from New Orleans. I spent my formative years under the wise eyes, of both my beloved parents and maternal grandmother. I'm from a very large family by today's standards, the classic middle child of 9. I enjoy many interests, especially creative ones and those that impact our earth. Showing and sharing love of family, friends and community, was greatly instilled in me, by my mother. My grandmother, who I teasingly called," Petite Mambo," often reminded me of the value, to always say what you felt to be the truth, even if risking not being as popular, for doing so ! Their loving, wise example and words continue, to light my path well today

As a young woman on my own, I found myself caught-up in what " I felt and saw," as being dogmatic, religious belief. Which felt both untrue and counter-productive to the beliefs, that I had earlier been raised with and still embrace. At the time; It felt far easier, to simply try to accept, not fully realizing (easier) often came with a high price tag. It was very clear, that this was a major roadblock in my life ! But these untruths; so well disguised as " truth," made any attempts by me to speak out, as being mutinous. So for me, it was the long process of removing that, which had blocked my way, to once again find that path, leading back to me. I am thankful to now say; I not only embrace my own truth, I do so, in gratitude ! For it's not about who I am, but who I came from. That is from a long line, of very wise, strong women, with my mother, being the greatest example of that, for me.

As energy, although we are all connected. We each carry a different and distinct vibration, also known as our essence. I use that unique essence, (your energy) when doing a reading, a consult or in energy work. I often may 1st. do a "soul-print." I liken it to sort of a blue-print, for accessing your energy with all phases of your path. My intention is to bring you to; a far deeper awareness of your inner truths, to help you see the many beautiful, often unknown and undiscovered facets of you. So that you are then able to see beyond those self-constructed blocks/blockages, to learn why they exist, in the first place. So if you are stuck in the muck of your own making, you already know that a problem exist. So allow me to point you in the right direction, with a clear plan for actualizing the life, that you desire.

Sometimes, We can be so focused on the problem(s), that we fail to see the solutions, right before us. I see challenges, as nothing more than blessings, that show up as lessons to teach us, what we may not have learned otherwise. I truly enjoy helping to uncover and discover them. For once acknowledged, you are far better able, to then move beyond them. I 
offer services, that provide and promote deeper insights for self-analysis towards personal growth, which leads to both identifying and claiming the life that is yours, by Divine right.

At times my energy work, can involve Sacred Space Clearing and Blessings for both home or office. I still utilize, those same wonderfully effective techniques, such as smudgings, bells, crystals, candles and some very special oil blends from old tried and true recipes, that date back to the 1700's, that I highly treasure. A clearing often, simply involves removing negative and unproductive, stagnant energy that accumulates, especially following a serious illness or an unpleasant occurrence. It's like the way the air feels, after the rain.

I truly see life; as a time meant for discovering, that we are all of "One Divine, Infinite Consciousness" and a time for realizing our true soul's purpose, here in earth school. Where we are to learn; the vital importance of living in alignment and accord, as ONE harmonic vibration with Infinite Spirit, dwelling within each of us. To hopefully learn the most priceless lesson of all, which is; the immeasurable value of love ! My most basic core belief is that: " That whatever we may do to another, we also likewise do to ourselves."

I am happy to answer any questions, that you may have on any service, as well as offer referrals. Please fill out the contact form on the 1st. page, or email me at: a.psychicmoon@gmail.com. You can also call me at (850)483-0515. Please leave full details, a contact number and the best time to return your call.

Thank you, and Blessings Beaucoup, C.C.

a Psychic Moon




Email:  a.psychicmoon@gmail.com, (850) 686-2505. 






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