I provide Metaphysical/ Spiritual readings and as a Spiritual Catalyst Coach, I offer actualizing consults and treatments, speaking the word with you and on your behalf for manifesting the desires and blessings, that are already yours by " Divine Right," by phone, email, regular mail and in person. I first identify the blocks, that prevent you from living the life, that you truly want. As a Reiki Master & Pranic Energy worker/healer/teacher, I am able to see into your energy body to locate them. I am available by appointment for special events, lectures, gallery readings and just plain " Bon Ton La Roulette " fun gatherings, done in the Spirit of New Orleans.
I can host, speak and entertain for your Spiritual/Metaphysical serious occasions or just for fun your Metapsychical parties, that will be done to both express the occasion and fit your own unique style. I can assist, in making your event- an extra special one, to long be remembered and cherished ! As a fully ordained minister, I can also officiate for your wedding or sacred special occasion. I am always happy to offer references, from satisfied clients ! Any questions ? Then either email me or use, the contact form- on the 1st. page and I will promptly reply. So Please leave your name, all details & a contact ph..#. Special rates do apply here and greatly depend upon the needs, time & traveling distance required. There is no charge for the initial phone consult, to discuss any process or to answer questions.

   " Readings, Coaching, Energy Work and Treatment Sessions ; " are by suggested Offerings of :                                                        $ 25.00-15 minutes : covers quite a lot.                                                            $ 50.00- 30 minutes  
                                          $ 70.00- 45 minutes                                                                                                                 $ 85.00- 60 minutes/1 hour 

 I ASK that this : PLEASE - be handled first- through Pay Pal.


I want to also mention here, that I do " free by EMAIL only " readings for those who are indigent and simply cannot manage it. But, I must limit that, due to time restraints- to not more, than 1 or 2 questions. For the sake of fair-play, I must work from off of a list, one that stays fairly lengthy, for I can only manage to do a few a week and I seem to be the only one, to my knowledge offering this free service. If anyone needs assistance, in connection with a missing loved one, please e-mail me all details, with as much information, that you may have to date. After going over the information, if I feel that I can help, I will get back in touch. I do not share any findings that I receive, except with you or someone that you yourself authorize. I do not accept all requests, just those I sincerely feel I may be of some assistance with. There is absolutely no charge, for my time or services. Thank you and Bright Blessings to all.

I am also listed with;,,
Famous Psychic Mediums Directory. 
Body Mind & Spirit Directory 
The Medium Channel & Others.

Email: or Call:850 686-2505


I want to take the time here to mention my privacy policy and stated disclaimer; I take your rights for privacy very seriously, therefore I will never sell, trade, bargain or share your personal information with anyone ! However, this website does contain links to other sites, and I do not take responsibility for their actions, so please check with them concerning their policies first, before sharing any  of your personal information with them. I also want to say, that nothing on this site or in a reading or any service, is ever intended as or meant to take the place of licensed professional advice of any kind, in particular medical, legal, or business /financial advice. Accordingly before consulting me or making any decisions, that often do require, that you first consult with a licensed professional, then I do highly suggest that you please do so now. Thank you. 



 Blessings, Light, and Laughter Beaucoup to All !!!  C.C.

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