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. Spiritual Catalyst & Actualizing Coach .

One of my main goals; is to bring you to an awareness of your unique energy vibe and how held thoughts become the beliefs, that both affect and create your reality. Although unseen and silent, they are quite busy forming personal truths, which soon get filed, into the subconscious. Repetitive, negative ones construct the very blocks, that prevent movement in your life. As an intuitive energy worker; I can see into the auric/energy field, "that sacred self-around the self," to ascertain why they exist, in the first place ? But, when negative beliefs, with the attached, trapped emotions are released, the energy is then free to expand and flow, to where it's most needed.

I'd like to dispel any misconceptions, of what to expect, from a reading or treatment session and of how free will, along with choices, always plays the lead role. The energy in a reading is mainly based upon the present, established momentum; created from choices, thus far made. My job is to cast enough light; for true self empowerment, which only comes with the awareness, of how held beliefs of today become tomorrow's reality. What reality are your beliefs creating now ?

Due to that Divine Universal Law of " Free Will,", I consciously choose to remain neutral, as an open channel. Outcomes often depend solely on your willingness to release the beliefs, that no longer serve your highest good. What you can expect, is truth given in clarity. To assist you in making those better choices, which propel you forward, beyond the crippling fear of self constructed blocks, that only hinder your life, relationships or profession.

My intention is to seek out those hidden, entrenched beliefs; to learn what prevents you from growing in, the desired direction of your life. Once found, they can easily be moved out of your way.
I work directly with your energy, through Spirit. It's my intention to ignite the spark, for your own awakening, after which follows a plan so very simple, that many may fail to grasp it's promise. Asking first; that it be under Divine direction, in full accord with the white light of the Holy Spirit.

Energy work involves scanning, cleansing and restoring harmonious balance, in (Reiki or Pranic) to the sacred energy body. This helps facilitate in healing. With readings, I may first do a "Soul Print," using your specific energy signature. In Space Clearing and Blessings, there's often simply stagnant, unhealthy energy that just needs removal. This is so beneficial following an illness or any traumatic, negative occurrence in the space. I am happy to explain any process in full detail, when asked !

I welcome your questions. References are given upon request or go to: LINKEDIN  for written recommendations-endorsements, that can only come from others. Due to how psychic readings may be deemed in general; I hereby inform you, that any reading, service or consultation provided by me, be intended solely for entertainment purposes only ! Check the rates and services page for additional, pertinent information and all stated Privacy Policies and Disclaimer Statements. As, I do take your privacy very serious, I strongly suggest, that you 1st. read them prior to contacting me.

* I do not do readings for anyone under the age of 18, without a consulting adult present.

I look forward to helping with any challenges, that you may have. To schedule:, please either use the form below or email me at: a.psychicmoon@gmail.com, for a prompt reply. I value your trust; therefore your information will never be sold, rented, borrowed, bartered or shared, in any way by me.


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