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Before beginning a psychic reading, I like to first mention something that I feel can be so benefical prior to the reading, and that is "Free Will." For no matter what comes accross during a reading as the percieved final outcome, that little something called free will, always reigns supreme. In other words, nothing is ever etched in stone. I thought that as my post for this first day of a glorious new year, that I would attempt here to talk about free will and the important part it plays during a reading. It may also help some that have questions about how this works, to better get off on the right foot. I got asked today, right before a phone reading," Are you a Fortune Teller ? " which lead me to feel, that some clarification about what to expect and not to expect from a good psychic reading was also certainly needed as well. So after telling the young gentleman, that it had been a while, since I had heard that term,  I then explained that during a reading the information that comes accross to me is what I energetically pick-up on (feel) and (see), and is based on the current momentum of his life. Which is the current course that we have set ourselves upon. And for the most part is based solely upon the choices, intentions, and the belief systems that we personally have chosen to follow.

And that is where " Free Will " comes into play, for any course that we have chosen for ourselves, we can often undo, alter or simply accept, if we so choose to. It is always up to us. We are always the one in control. The captains of our own ship, no matter what the most likeliest of percieved outcomes may be. I firmly believe that often we simply, just need some additional light shed on something, that we ourselves may already know, but are often just too close to the forest ourselves, to see the trees. So when we are given some deeper insights, we are then better equipped to see the solution, that was usually right in front of us. By having someone point out the possible detours, rest stops and often even the necessary exits, that may become vital to take along our journey, we are then far better informed, to make those better decisions for ourself. And that is what you can and should expect from any good psychic reading. That along with complete honesty, is what you can expect from one of my readings !

Blessings Beaucoup for a Happy New Year to ALL,  Cecilia