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I wanted to write this article, in the hope that it may help to shed just a little more light, and also perhaps dispel some of the mystique out of what it means to be psychic. Because, I get asked about this fairly often, I thought it would be a good topic to start off with, as my very first blog post. For basicly it is simply just another one of our senses. Although unfortunately, one that isn't being put to as good of use as it should be, due to the fact that it often isn't even recognized as such. And whether or not we choose to embrace or acknowledge that it even exists within us, is totally up to each individual. 

For as children many were often discouraged from using it, or made to be so freightened by it, that we did not even want to acknowledge, much less explore it. Most often that was due largely,  to the same old recycled fears that were passed down to us, often by well meaning parents. And this bame trend continues on today. But, just the same we still all have this wonderful sense ! Some people will try to compare it to mind reading, which could not be further from the truth. Many also actually still believe that it is evil, and therefore taboo. Yet many folks who think that way, have no problem with saying a have this " hunch, " or tell long stories of what many call a woman's intuition, etc. I have found that it's the word "psychic" or utilizing this wonderful built-in knowing, that is the main reason, due to the stigma attached to it ! Through the centuries it has been both misunderstood, and sadly under used, mostly out of fear and ignorance of what it actually is. So it isn't any wonder why , so many were even put to death, over using it !                                                                                                                

 We have only to tune it in and pay attention. For this wonderful sense encompasses many facets of the mind, body and spirit, and is manifested in many different ways. For who hasn't had the experience of going in someplace, and suddenly for no particular reason (at least not known at the time) we suddenly know we must get out of there ! We can't explain the why of it, but on this deeper level, we just know we must leave ! In fact we cannot get out of there quick enough. That same thing happened to me, shortly after going in a Quick-Stop to pick-up some milk, and no sooner had I gone inside, when this sick feeling of just not wanting to be there came over me. I payed attention, and quickly exited. Minutes later it was robbed, a gun was fired, and an innocent shopper was hurt !                                                                                                                     

It is still referred to today as, " A Woman's Intuition ", another term used often to describe it. So whether or not we try to avoid the actual word Psychic, for whatever reason, it is still there. And up to each one of us, to use or develop, if we so choose to. It is sort of like the difference between learning to play chop-sticks on a piano, or practicing for many long hours to become a concert pianist. Of course it is true, that we may not all want to become a concert pianist. But, we all can learn the very basics. It is also true that it certainly helps, when you are born into a family of Psychics, and encouraged to utilize it from the start, as I was so blessed ! And so why?, we may all want to ask in this enlightened era, is the term Psychic still so confusing to so many people today ? For the dark ages have came and gone thankfully !  Are have they ?   

 Blessings Beaucoup to All,  Cecilia