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Somedays you wake-up, and it's like you just want to jump up and hug the sun, and everyone you come in contact with ! It's shining so brightly, and it promises a glorious day ahead for you. These are the sort of days when it is, oh so very easy to feel a wonderful sense of gratitude. And why not ?, for all is so fantasticly sunny in your world. Then you have one of those types of days, that almost as soon as you awake, you'd like to just wish it all away. Pull the covers up over your head, and forget that there is even a world outside ! There can be one or more, of many different legitimate reasons, for why you would feel so out of sorts. For we certainly can all, identify with life's everyday challenges that pop-up. Those crazy ups and downs that happen to each of us. As though right out of the blue, completely unexpected, they come along from time to time, to seemingly mock, and sometimes knock us flat.

Those are the times when my wise Grand'-mere's words, " Where there is a Will, There is a Way ! ", come back to remind me of why she said them so very often. It was her way to help me remember. That when needed, I could reach down to that most deepest level, to that place within us all that says, " I will not surrender ! " Where we can grab hold of our proverbial boot straps and pull really hard, upon that inner strength that we all so often tend to forget that we all posess ! To that strong will inside us, there to tell us that we are the ones in charge, of how we will handle things ! For only then, can we begin to correctly assess our true situation, from an entirely different point of view. To one that is not distorted or disclored by gloom and doom, or paralyzed stiff out of fear. To one that takes our focus off of what is wrong, or percieved to be, to one of a more enpowered position. So that slowly, we can start to count all of the many things in our life, that are right and good. For how soon we all can tend to forget them, when in the horrible throes of our woes ! It is in that moment that we can choose to shift our attention, and most importantly our intention (our will) to what truly matters most ! So that what ever gets thrown our way, as far as we are concerned, we are truly grateful for all that is so very good, thereby welcoming more of the same. And living each day with a solid will that says, it shall be so ! 

Blessings Beaucoup,  Cecilia
Dedicated to my dear grandmother, not only a gifted psychic medium, but a very strong, wise woman.