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Our intuition is truly so much more than either you or I can completely imagine, and I have been on a mission of sorts to help the remaining skeptics out there to understand it better, so that it can be utilized. On some level we all know that it is there, but seldom give it much more than a passing thought, much less the kind of respect, time and attention that it so deserves ! Most people mistakenly believe, that they have to be a psychic in order to use it. Actually when we begin using it we help to develop, and strengthen psychic power.

If we can begin to see it as the wonderful gift that it is, that we should all be grateful for, then we have taken that 1st. all important step, by acknowledging it's existence. Opening up to our intuition, is like opening the door that leads to our vast unlimited self. That unlimited self that contains all the wisdom, all of the love, and all of the guidance, that we will ever need. A gift that is capable of alligning us with our most highest path and potential, that can open us to realms of awareness, that go far beyond our limiting five sensory perceptions ! There is no reason why, we should ever have to look outside of ourselves, when all of the answers that we will ever need lie within us.

No we certainly do not have to be a psychic to use our precious gift of intuition, but we do have to seek it out, often by simply asking it something. Perhaps you have been struggling to make a decision, one that you feel completely at a loss about. A very simple excercise to try for starters, is to sit quiet and calm. Begin to focus on the question, and then simply ask it. Pick up a pen, and just start writing, write anything, what-ever comes to mind at first. Then write out the question, as you continue to focus on the question. Then read what you have written. You will be amazed !, for often you will know the answer, even before it was written down ! 

Blessings, Light, n Laughter Beaucoup, Cecilia (psychic moon)