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As a psychic medium, I am often asked how to go about, making the connection with spirit guides and angels. So with that question in mind, I must first tell you that, first and foremost you will need to learn how to quiet the mind. One that is cluttered with thoughts and questions, which it will seek to answer on it's own, is definitely not going to be an open receptive one. If you are unfamilar with meditation, or what I refer to as " slipping into silence, " then it would be wise to first master that. For entering into a state of silence is truly where you must begin. It will take some practice, if you are new to this. To do this I have listed the following three steps, that can softly lead you there.

(1) CLEANSE- Begin to visualize a brillant white, crystal light gently swirling all around you. It is a powerful cleansing light. I want you to now take 3 slow deep, cleansing breaths. On each breath- in, you are drawing in this white cleansing light, that absorbs all negativity. On each breath- out, you are completely releasing all negativity into the purifying white light. It has cleansed, calmed and soothed you.
(2) RELAX- Keep the mood. Get very comfortable in your special quiet place, and find your center, while continuing to follow your breath. Allow all thoughts, as though they were clouds, to just drift away, while holding your attention (not your thoughts) on your breath, following it's flow gently in and gently out, as you so softly slip into silence. In this peaceful sacred silence, you are now open to recieve and connect with spirit.

(3) SENSE- When you begin to sense a slight current, " a quickening of the flesh, " like goosebumps or chills running up and down, you are now in a higher vibrational energy frequency, where you can then able to access your guides and angels. You are connecting with spirit, which always vibrates, at a higher energy level. In this higher vibrational energy of pure, unconditional love, you can be certain that you have tapped into the highest source of wisdom. The word " intuition " means inner teacher, our 6th. sense. To be in-spirit originates from spirit. Being in silence is to be in-spirit. When we have left the physical and mental planes behind, we are then free to ascend to that higher plane of spirit. But don't get discouraged, if this takes you awhile to master, for learning to still the mind, does take some practice ! 

Blessings, Light and Laughter Beaucoup, Cecilia