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I had a mixture of emotions wildly churning inside me that warm, late summer day, but mainly one of fear. Although not entirely of what, I was to soon experience, for I was with my mambo and knew that she would always protect me. And although grand-mere was a woman fairly small in stature, she feared nothing or no one. No, my greatest fear of all was, that I might somehow disappoint her that day. For I would soon be assisting her, with my first offical space-clearing and blessing, commonly known today as ghost hunting. And would no doubt be encountering " The Lady In Blue," as grand-mere had named her. It was to become one day, that I would always remember !

We were on our way to an area of New Orleans known as the Irish Channel, and I could tell by the strong determination in her stride, that grand-mere meant for us to make it there on time. It was to be her second visit. But just as we rounded the corner leading towards the old three story house, she suddenly pulled me to a stop saying, " Cher she is more afraid than you ! " Although upon seeing the stark look of fear on both faces of the couple out on the front gallery, I wasn't so sure of that, as the warm day began to feel quite chilly. I felt my knees growing even shakier as we climbed the steep steps upward !

They quickly handed over the key, asking that she lock-up when finished. Grand-mere reassured them that after today they could return home, for their unwanted guest would soon be gone. And as the old key turned in the door, I soon found myself standing in a long hall, that opened up to the large, winding staircase that lead to the upstairs floors. I stood as though frozen stiff in one spot, while grand-mere wasting no time at all, started  calling out in french to the entity, saying that we meant her no harm, and gently explaining why she could not stay there. But after getting no reply to that, grand-mere began a low whistle, a familar tune, and one that I knew quite well. It was her I mean business tune, and believe me she meant business !

I heard myself gasp, as I looked up at this blue cloud slowly drifting down towards us, and to my second horror saw the puddle on the floor collecting around my very wet shoes. Ashamed and horrified, I found my legs, and took off running, towards what I thought would be the kitchen, in search of a mop. Upon realizing that the blue cloud was following me, and right on my heels, I collasped into a nearby chair. Grand-mere who always carried a vile of spirits of amonia in her gri-gri, broke it into a hankerchief, and gave me one good strong wiff, which soon revived me. She then lead me outdoors onto a back gallery, where the sun could dry me off some, then went back inside to finish dealing with the mischiveous ghost, that had both embarassed and scared me nearly half to death. I was more than contented to listen to her, and wait outside !

I wasn't so convinced anymore that " The Lady In Blue " was more afraid than me, nor that she was even a lady. After sometime grand-mere came outside laughing, and saying that the coast was all clear. She also told me that our ghost had been terribly lonely, having been told by her husband to wait there, during a fever epidemic in the city. And that upon learning that they were all there waiting for her in the light, she was then very happy to leave the home. I went back inside to help grand-mere finish up with the clearing and blessing, and soon felt all of my dismay turn into pity, for the many long years that she had spent there all alone, missing her family. This blog post is dedicated to " Mambo Mary, " my maternal grandmother, who was not only a wonderfully gifted psychic medium, but also a very loving soul. It is also my way of saying thanks to " The Lady In Blue, " for my very first up-close and personal experience at the age of eleven, with a ghost ! 
Blessings Beaucoup to All, Cecilia