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Hi ! Psychic Moon here. After looking back through my blog archives, I realized that I had not yet blogged, about that divine divination tool known as the Tarot, so I decided I should do that now. The very first time I picked up a Tarot deck, one that actually belonged to another psychic reader, I was instantly fascinated by all of the energy, I felt vibrating in my hands from them. I quickly asked her to tell me all about these beautiful, gilded cards, and her reply to that was," Don't worry, the cards will tell you." So needless to say, my interest intensified greatly from that point on. For this was not only totally mysterious to me, but also something that, I had never seen used in my own family. I had to know more ! Sitting there and watching her work with them, I soon saw exactly what she meant by saying that the cards would tell me. During a reading, she would simply pose her question(s) to the Tarot, on behalf of the querent, then laid them all out in a particular spread. I watched in utter amazement, as one card after the other began offering-up the necessary information, to answer the querent's question(s). I also saw that the particular spread chosen, depended on the question, and the needed guidance that the querent sought. I was not quite fourteen when I did my first reading, using the Tarot, and I can say without hesitation that, I am still as much in awe of this wonderful divination tool today, as I was then. I am always pleased when asked by a client, and told that they would prefer that I use it. We all know that theTarot has been around for a very long time. My own understanding of it's origin, is that it got started in Northern Italy, sometimes within the early part of the 15th. century. I have often heard that, that is not entirely definitive. There seems to be many theories out there as to an earlier origin, and also speculation of a connection to the Kabalah, due to some correlation with the Hebrew alphabet. No matter the Tarot's exact beginning, I have always found that the messages of wisdom and deep insights, that it brings to any reading are not only often very profound, but amazingly accurate ! So I believe that is why, after all this test of time the Tarot is still around, and used all over the world today, more than ever all these many centuries later !  I do what I call " Intuitive Tarot."  If I have sparked your interest some, I invite you to give me a call, and mention this blog article, and I will give you a one time 20% discount off of any Intuitive/Psychic Tarot reading. If someoneone just has questions about the Tarot, I will be happy to answer them for you also ! 
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