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Having had this question posed to me many times in the past, and most recently during psychic readings at a Halloween Party, for over 200 guests. I thought that this blog would serve as a good adjunct, and a follow-up to my 1st. blog posting. Developing psychic ability is truly so much easier, if encouraged from early childhood on. And then further fostered in an environment of conscious adults. For all children are intuitive, although some more highly so, experiencing messages or perceptions much more frequently than others. So it is very important that this be not only acknowledged at that time, but also hopefully supported. But as they say better late than never !  Intuition (psychic ability) involves being able to pick-up on subtle information that isn't coming through any of the familar five senses, but rather from an invisible 6th. sense, a sense of knowing. Sort of like an inner compass, but one that we must use and trust to guide and steer us in the right direction.      

 If we feel something, and yet ignore it repeatedly, over time we can lose the connection. So it is very wise to stay open to it without judgement, and especially without fear, which I believe is one of the main reasons why many people mistakenly dismiss it entirely. They simply don't understand it and unfortunately, often what we do not understand, we fear most or avoid altogether, in a classic case of "  Fear of The Unknown. " So often it comes down to just learning how to re-connect to this wonderful built-in compass, that has over time became quite rusty from lack of use. And begin very slowly on our journey back to it. Not expecting that now that we have finally started to remember that it is there, that suddenly all this majic will start to happen ! 

Try to compare it to being blindfolded, and literally in pitch-black darkness for many years, and then suddenly pulling off the blindfold, and then emerging into brillant light. Trying to re- focus, and adjust our eyes again to the light, will be a process. It is the same with psychic ability, developing it is a process. For Rome was not built in a day, and perhaps re-building it, would take considerably more time and effort. So tune in, listen and pay close attention to the very, soft subtle messages, and remember that at first it will be all about learning to crawl, then tiny little small baby steps, and with much patience, and perserverance  overtime, you too can develop your psychic ability ! 
Blessings Beaucoup,  Cecilia