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As a psychic, I find myself often explaining that the only difference between those who have passed on, and those of us still in this earthly realm, is only a flleshly form. We are now, and forever will be energy, and all that is, is energy. For all that exists, whether on a physical, mental, or spiritual plane is simply energy. It is known scientific fact that the atoms that make up the matter, that we all refer to as being solid mass, is in actuality energy merely appearing as solid form. Therefore we too are energy masquerading as solid mass.

 It is also well known that all energy is connected. To put it simpler, we share a oneness with all that is. Ancient metaphysical teachings are constantly being reconfirmed, by what is now known as " Quantum Physics. " These metaphysical teachings tell us that there is but one source of consciousness, and that everything that comes into existence, comes through that one source.

It is common knowledge that energy is eternal, yet always in a constant state of perpetual movement and change. Changing in and out of form, in a glorious repetitive cycle. Just as the waters of the earth flow, and though appearing separate, all merging together at some point. We too also merge within that whole, that we all a part of. Each of us like tiny droplets of water, that makes up that greater infinite ocean of oneness. Each of us, an inseparable, infinite part of that larger magnificent tapestry. So then, one can only conclude that as interconnected energy, separateness is nothing more than an illusion.

Blessings Beaucoup, and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to All,  Cecilia ( psychic moon )