We are all energy, and all is energy. For all that is, and all that exists, whether on a mental, physical, or spiritual plane is simply energy. It is known that the atoms, that make up the matter that we all call solid mass is actually energy. What we percieve to be as solid in form, is actually energy appearing as solid form. Therefore we too are energy appearing in a solid form, and as energy we are all connected. Ancient metaphysical teachings are constantly being reconfirmed by what is now termed, " Quantum Physics. " These metaphysical teachings tell us there is but One Consciousness, and that everything that comes into existence, comes through that One Source of Consciousness. Energy is always in a constant state of movement, and change. Changing in and out of form, in an infinite, glorious repetitive cycle. Just as the waters upon the earth all  merge at some point, we too also merge within that whole, that we all share as one. Each of us like a droplet of water, part of this giant ocean of infinite Oneness. Each of us tiny inseparable parts of that greater magnificent Oneness. So as energy, and since everthing (energy) is interconnected, separateness is merely an illusion !